Motor Claim Service​

Parlez-vous français?


Have you ever been in situation calling in France and trying to speak english? Then you know what the difference it makes to speak the language of the region you have contact to. Even in Germany you might not be understood. We can deliver support in several languages by our employees and partners all over Europe and claime your damage in every european country. We can even organise towing service, repair, transport and sale of your vehicle and oreder you a taxi, train tiket, book a hotel room and get a rent car on demand. 

Why you shoud prefer us?

We are proud of our work for over 500 transport componies from eastern Europe. Day by day we are handling motor claims in different countries and different languages. We are helping people and companies to solve problems after an accident abroad as soon as possible. The quality of our work is garanteed by our fee: You only pay if you get paid out!

Truck Accident Service

We are especially good at Truck Accident Service. We offer to organise towing, truck repair service and motor claim in Germany and all over Europe. In most of countries in Europe is law, that the damage has to be replaces in amount, that it never have hapend. For professional haulers it meens, that not only the vehicle damage must be replaced, but also towing costs, contractual penalties, rental costs, carge delivery costs and last but not least loss of profit for the duration of repair ore replacement.


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