Recourse Claim Service



Our staff has experience in dealing with insurance companies all over Europe . A lot of problems can be solved and avoided talking to the participants of the accident, witnesses, repair stations, police, firemen in their own language and knowing the regional specifics. Our staff is fluent in Russian, German, English, Lithuanian, French and Ukrainian languages. Our partners in other language regions come to our aid if necessary.

The difference

Why us? We are proud of our work , language skills , the ability to quickly and professionally to solve the case, and most importantly to benefit our customers . For insurance companies double benefit is that we can not only help the client in Europe , but also to reduce the initial evacuation and repair costs , as well as to quickly prepare and send it to regress. Continuous reporting allows employees of the insurance company to keep abreast of the progress of settlement of damage. Our fee depends on the success. We work without payment.

Pending cases

The statute of limitations in most European countries is three years . All pending cases can be resumed. In our experience, more than 50 % of such cases can be successfully solved even before the expiry of the limitation period. Sometimes the police inquiry, interviewing witnesses and participants of the accident can clarify responsibilities and calls accelerate recovery of damage caused by the accident . The main thing you risk nothing : you only pay a fee in case of success.

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